Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I have a confession.
My husband and I are in a middle of a full-blown SMOKED SALT obsession.
Yes, I know salt isn't supposed to be good for you, they say. Use in moderation. But the truth of the matter is, only a small portion of the population has such a sensitivity to it!
So, when we found out this tabboo we desire was longer forbidden...well, let's just say...
A lowly baked potatoe soars to a new dimention with a LIGHT dusting! My favorite application, is on a steak. It melts in your mouth! Rub it in with a TOUCH of dry hickory smoke, it will MELT IN YOUR MOUTH!!!
Now, I know we sell the fancy HALEN MON GOLD, exotic BAMBOO LEAF SALT, unusual TURKISH BLACK PYRAMID SALT, pretty ANDES MOUNTAIN ROSE SALT, purifying ALEA VOLCANIC SEA SALT, but KAUAI GUAVA SMOKED SALT may soon be out of stock if my husband and I can't learn to control the urge to grab it off the self!!!

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